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Rural Texas Tourism provides an awareness campaign to visitors of what lodging, shopping venues, events, and attractions have to offer in Rural Texas.  We connect information on all events and all attractions in the area to the visitors.  Additionally, RTT can provide packages for visitors by utilizing existing programs and expanding on them.  Our businesses that are clients have opportunities to be a part of what we are because we work around their budget!  Our marketing and advertising endeavors for businesses include:

  • Directing ongoing events to major publications, groups, and travel writers when applicable
  • Creating methods to encourage day groups to return with their families to promote business in the area
  • Creating, enlarging, and expanding on tour programs including community development and possible partnerships with other entities

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Media Comments

"Recently, I was given an article assignment to cover the lesser known, but equally interesting, points of LaGrange. Feeling like this was a tall order--how would I ever find something unique that hadn't already been mentioned?--I decided to enlist the help of Rural Texas Tourism. Cathy Chaloupka, dressed in Czech attire, met me for a morning's tour of the town. To my amazement, Cathy's incredible expertise and infectious enthusiasm introduced me to more people, places and facts about the town than I had ever dreamed possible. I was able to see La Grange for the unique treasure that it is, and was then able to share my experience, as well as the beauty of the area, with my readers.
Rarely, do you find knowledge, personality and determination wrapped in a 5th generation "local" ~ The perfect recipe for a great tourist adventure! Thanks, Cathy!!" 

- Connie Strong,  Freelance Writer

Thank you again for your help in researching my December 2010 story on La Grange.  You were a wonderful resource and provided the perfect introduction to the town, driving me to a half-dozen destinations and introducing me to so many people.  With your knowledge and expertise, I was able to cover more sites in one trip than I would have thought possible.  I especially appreciate your willingness to show me around and then allow me to explore/follow up on my own.  It was the perfect combination.  I look forward to collaborating with you on other rural Texas destinations. 

Nola McKay, Senior Editor, Texas Highways



Customer Comments


Thank you so much for the wonderful day and visit with you. The Churches were as amazing as we had hoped and the history very rich in the faith.  -- Recent visitor from Corpus Christi



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